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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

didnt even sleep today..its just for the sake of this stupid survey called the cabonated drinks survey at kerinchi..thought today will be a great day for me but it turns out to be uglier than i cud imagine...i was too happy for the survey so i can get my paychecked that they will paid me estimate around 150....the survey starts at 11am..goin out from my house at 9 am cuz wanna avoid traffic and evrything..when i arrive there,yeah no suprise i was the only person who have to wait like stupid in the waiting that time it was 10.15am ..ahh~ really tired and me keep on yawning all the time..gosh~ ..luckly theres no other people who come over yet..then aunty Nora,the QC called me to come infront and take the paychecked..i asked why? and this she answered my simple question..'u got kicked out from the list,see u next time' ..i was so pissed by that time eventhough i've got my paychecked..but just the half amount of the full survey..damnn..then she added 'u were late,cuz we all have supposed to be here by 10am' ..i was like,'wut da heck??u told me have to be here before the survey at 11am..she answered this 'here,at the kerinchi survey marketing research bla bla bla,all the list members must be in time approxiamate 1 hour before the survey starts' ...fuck~ it was just 15 minutes late..dammit..but still really pissed me off today.....

Monday, March 20, 2006

ahh..forget to attach my favourites drink ever ..' the cup bon drinks' ..wut best about this drink its because it has a bubble gummy pearl inside come with various type of flavour such as strawbery,grape,choclate,vanila and more..i've tried almost all drinks but the best drink ever is the choclate flavour..hehe :)

choc flavour

owh yaa..about the price,its just RM3.80 for all drinks and flavour..its a worth buyin drinks rather than those starbuck and other coffee i right?hehe..try it..really nice

yeah..snap it after work..went in just to buy the cup bon drinks inside the sungei wang plaza..but then,saw theres a small Renault exibition showcase at the sungei wang plaza on saturday..i was suppose to be at lowyat by that time cuz wanna bought sumthing for my pc..

Renault 2006

Side ViewBackside

eventhough it was just a small exibition,plenty of those formula one freaks were there..espacially for this Renault team..and Alonso were there too..but it was too crouded..wasnt have time to snap his pixies..sorry guys..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jammin session..

ahh~ finally all my tension released after jamming tonite..really had a great time today but not at the work place..haha..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

been thinking so much ahead makes my head gonna blow..i dont know weather my path is telling me the right thing to do now..ahh ~ worried..the truth is always hurt me but what can i do??thats the only ticket for me to get through all this.. 'The Only Way'' ..if i screw up,everything would turn into a nightmare maybe even worst than really tired from those days and i dont want to repeat the same mistakes again and suffered enough..the totally killing afraid to soul keep pushing me to say the magic words,but i just kept it in my not sure,my heart cud hold it any longer..the risked for that is obviously BIG..and i dont wanna hurt anybody espacially myself..this so called 'feelings' keep burnin up every single day..saw the dreams makes me cried inside..but then,i manage to smile and laugh on the outside..telling the truth is always hurt me..and i will tell u the truth one day...

Friday, March 03, 2006

hey guys..sorry for not updating the blog this lately cuz my desktop is totally wrecked dude..will get back my newest pc by the end of this months..damnn..still a long way to go..chiow~