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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Now here’s something you read about, and you wonder is it secretly an Aprils Fool day because they sound simply too ridiculous to be true – a USB stick that helps heal your health! The T-Power u USB stick boasts the ability to reduce eyestrain, improve blood circulation and well, just improve your health and all you have to do is leave it plugged into your computer. The product page doesn’t give any explanation on how it works at all; all it does is show some kind of scientific terms and explanation about red blood cells. Figures, how can they explain something so bizarre? It does however, show a picture of an onion that grew from October 2008 to December because it had T-Power; maybe it works better on plants, or they just watered it really well and gave it enough sunlight and fertilizer. I don’t suppose you would like to try it out either; the thing costs a whooping £39.95(approximately RM195).

PS: This is awesome !!

Monday, April 12, 2010



Basically,this is not a tutorial vids on how am gonna unboxing a darth vader kit or kratos from God Of War..its just that am way toexcited on getting my new project which is building my first ever Gundam figure which i get it as a gift directly from Tokyo,Japan :)

FYI,This Gundam model that i got (RX-78-2 MG) is the old school model of the starting era of Gundam itself. Which means, this is the more like the first model of gundam battle robot heroes before they came up with something modern.
For me, as long as it looks kick ass, thats more than enough. Even the Japanese build the real structure of this model in tokyo park and its damn huge. Thats how they build it according to the real thing.

Well, Im pretty sure everyone in my era starts out build something as in a Tamiya car and other action figure..But yeah,i love toys! and i dont mind collecting them and make it my its also would be a great way to express oneself in a different ways especially if you are the one who build it with your own hands. Lets start out with the picture!


Manuals and tons of shit

All the manuals are in japanese and how the hell am i gonna read those kanji..ughh..anyway,This is like my first ever attempt to build this shit and frankly after openingthe manual pages one by one,its kindda hard..and if i happen to lost a slightly small component in any part,then you can say goodbye to this Gundam building career..

This is How the RX-78-2 looks like when its done

Shit...that was sweet aint it ? Wish me luck on building this ! ;)

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Shit..i just had my curry mee aswell yesterday..then my friend give this..ughhhh

NOTE* - that was a frog leg in the red circle.