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Thursday, May 24, 2007

i think..this is the kantoi list for my exam ...

1.script writings

2.practical test (Video Editing)


Friday, May 18, 2007

3 more to go !

Phew.W~!!!.today im already done 2 papers and i got 3 more pain in the ass to covered..this is really a real test to me since my pc were OUT plus im totally BROKE to repair is still in the mid of the month and lotsa money are being used ady.. =.=
Nway,today test was the best i think so far because i kinda push my self to read it ..and yeah almost all the question i can answer it..thk God..reading is like gambling,u hit it then u got it..basicly, it is all determined on ur luck..damm,for the first time i read it and than bamm all the question are up..nice :)
thx to Joe and Amy for doing revision again ..haha

Friday, May 11, 2007

barred !

Next week is the week that im going to get my head explode..yeah,its the my Final Examination week. Going to college to take my slip exam and yeah,im quite suprise by the Remarks and it shown that 2 out of 5 subject that i registered were faking Barred ! ..yeah i got my ass barred man .. After dissusing with Student Affair Exec, i have to wrote a letter on why i got bar,or should i say a ''letter to save my ass'' ..

Submit it ..

The next morning, 'my mobile rang' . I was still in the sleeping mode and didnt notice it was my mom on the line' .. well, it was about the barred letter.. damm...
im soo busted !!! -.- ..
and the best part,my dad also was connected in the same there are 3 people in a one line conversation the letter,i have no idea on how i gonna wrote to the Student Affair as if i said im sick,i have to put on the medical letter with it,and any possible of a strong reason without asking a letter which i think is about family matter..yeah,so put family matter as the subject..And now,im in the middle of a conversation between my dad and my mom ! Gulp ..

Dad : Just now got call from ur Lecturer saying that u were barred.
Mom : kenapa letak family matter? is like u were married ..
Me :Gulp ~ (im soo faking dead)
Dad :The Record said that u didnt attend 4 classes?why ?
Me: i did attend..but..
Mom: If you were attended, they would never call ur dad.
Dad: nvm..bout the letter,i discuss through the phone with ur lecturer saying that u having some asthma prob u have to see her later..
Mom: Next time, dont wrote 'family matter' ..they will never accept the reason unless u got kids..
Me: okay..sorry mom,sorry dad..

Later,at 2.14pm.. arrive to college..

Going to meet the Student Affair Exec,Mdm Sharonie..
The probs same goes to me and amy as the both subject that we both take got barred ..

knock-knock ~ .. come in..

i thought i was going to get my head smack on the table but instead she was saying that the record for the first 2 weeks i dindt attend classes were false..which mean that i am safe for the time being..and she was laughing when she sees my letter saying that i have a family matter .. lol ..she said that if anybody who got any family matter probs,she will directly reach the parents .. Are you married she asked me .. ?? lol..i already call both of your parents and both of them were shocked.. damm...but nvm..let settle the score now..well,i just saying her the truth that,the real fact i didnt attend to class is because:

1.yes,i do have asthma..
2.the lecturer dont know how to lecturer..dont have any experience..teaching method sux big time..she dont teach at all ..
2.on thursday,got class from 9am to 10pm,effect me on friday class in the morning..
3.theres one time i come 10 minutes late,class finish already..WTH ? suppose to start at 9am finish at 9.15am ?? like this call lecturer ?

mdm was agreed with me because there is some student who reports this lecturer as well..nway,she told me about the other subject, it is false u should forget about it ..okay.. im going to let you guys go this time but remembered,i dont wanna see ur face in the next future ..thanks madam sharonie !! she was really nice though.

pheww ~ now im finally can concentrate on taking my final examination next week !!
wish me luck !! :D

Monday, May 07, 2007

test 1 ..keke"
well,take the test if u really know me ..haha

i love you mom !

people said that miracle happens once in a lifetime but still i didnt believe's been a tough time for me as my upcoming exam going to start within this week PLUS my default guitar got many problems to solve as one by one goes on..yesterday going to Bently Music Shop to repair my baby(my guitar) ..for the first time she turns me ..going up on the 1st floor to send my guitar at the repair center...

later,the formen said it wouldnt take long to repair it and i decide to kill my time to survey those brand new guitar..and YES,i was aiming no other else than The Fender Telecaster..actually,my mom was with me this time :) ..i pointed at the guitar and tell her, that was my dream guitar that i always wanted to have..i cant see other guitar as i see in my eyes the only TELE i wanted soo bad .. i cant handle it by watching so i called the assistance to try out the guitar.. it feels like the guitar is calling u to play .. wut to do .. i just cant help it .. lol

the rich tone of the guitar straight shot up and melts me was totally freaking awesome..many people were around by that time and i just played like i dont care in the ..while i was trying the guitar..i look at my mom and she already discussed about the price and stuff..
OMG !! gotta be kidding me !

the price shown on the tag was $3850.00 .. i was like..''omg,this was crazy expensive shit fuk'' ..then my mom come to me and said "now they doing promotion and if buy this guitar will get free amp and more stuff" .. i ask her would it be okay to take this??
after discuss,actually if take the guitar only it will be around 3k price but with package it will be 3.5k with the plus of the 800 bugs amp i can save another 300 bugs for other free junks..

damm! it makes me feels guilty for showing her that guitar!! -.- ..said to my mom,im going up to take my guitar should be repaired by guitar are already done(my current guitar)..and its just cost me $20 ..take the bag and im going down to my mom..moms already wait me at the counter to pay the repaired cost..and i heard the assistance ask me to wait ..and guess what ?? they already wrap it the whole package of the Telecaster and give it to me mom said okay done lets go ..
OMG !! gotta be kidding me !!! (again..)
i am so fuking Shocked,and i didnt see it coming to end up this way ..sweats -__-''
i cant believe i got a Fender Telecaster!

until this moment,i felt like i want to cry..but still i want to laugh..yet i feel in between those emotion ..i am speechless to say a word ..all i can say is '

Wednesday, May 02, 2007