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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Roland Music @ Sg.Wang

When holiday comes,this superstore always have thier way to promote stuff and what annoys and irritates me is i dun have cash at the time i needed them ..haizz.. this Roland promotion really got me stab on my butt with a drop price that consider cheap..
You can get ur self this all time popular gadget or multieffect pedal from Boss* ( *its a effect pedal from Roland)

There are various of Roland signature amp such as the Microcube that selling around rm350 i still remember mine was sold at rm 450 ..sigh ..heart attack la like this .. those bigger amp maybe in my next list but now concentrate to get my camera done first :P

First time i see guard play guitar with style..haha

Friday, November 23, 2007

Carlos Telecaster !! Wooot ~

Carlos with his Fender Telecaster
Finally,my bandmates mr.carlos decided to grab himself a Fender Telecaster.. An ultimate guitar that can cover all type of songs u play :) long as its a Fender,then jalan~

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Breaking up my 21 virgin into entering zouk club legally haha ! yeah,it was a combination of love and groll concert with just a rm 25 per entries! all the bands are great esspecially LoveMeButch and SevenCollarT-Shirt ..they are my favorites to come down here and enjoyed thier music live .. too bad i enter there kindda late and missed some of unknown underground action scene as they start at 2pm and i show my self up around 5pm lol .. but still i got see this 2 fav bands performs in time :) .. and it makes the day perfect when i got to take pic with my mr.idol, Sharul Reza from LoveMeButch..

Sharul LMB and ME ! haha

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

YOU Think You Soo Frrreakkin TALL ??

UPDATES! check this out ! after buzy shopping at Pavilion yesterday found this dude infront of a The Ship Restaurant. It was crowded at first so i check out my self wut happen and found out this !! This guy is actually sketch his nam in the Guiness World Record Book as the 2nd TALLEST man alive .. first one were nominated are the Chinese guy if not mistaken.. thats what i was told by the man that worked at the Ship Restaurant.

His level of sitting are the same level as i stand ! fuck ! haha

See how monster he is ! goshh

I wish i have the chance to take pic with him but they charge RM20 for it ! sighh .. with RM20 i can buy many thing man .. just enough with my cigrattes money i have to say ..haha ..well atleast can show u guys some prove rite ? hehe .. later ~ ^^

Monday, November 05, 2007


Outside Pavilion

Went to Pavilion and yeah this is the best shot i can get from it ! it was a nice brand new shopping mall i would said and hey, it's all about standards and pricy here.. no Chicken brand product price here pls ~ quality and standards are way off better than any other shopping mall in KL ..stated in Bukit Bintang make life easier cuz one step ahead u will be entering LOT 10 shopping mall and not to forget the Sungei Wang Plaza :)
Lets take a look inside Pavilion

Stairways to heaven ? lol

The middle

this shot was taken outside pav,those board are are stick at the sideways of the road

So,whenever u come down to town,down forget to get ur ass here for a while and see the beauty of this building structured and hey,this will be totally added to my shopping list next time around :]

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Putrajaya !

Yeah ! shot the bridge :P

putrajaya has been ticked in my shotlist since i wanna go there so bad after i grab my cammie to take some pictar and in the end i finally went there lastnite..its because im attending my old dear mate to her open house so ,there i go putrajaya! cant manage to take good pic cus right after i snap couple of shots, it starting to rain~ sigh .. ' i always think a good way which my granny said to me 'Hujan tu Rahmat' and i kept that in mind :) .. its alright,i can go there next time .. its not like putrajaya is moving away doesn't it ? hehe

KPDN building at night. colorful but sadly no people around

Putrajaya mosque. (shot taken from bridge)

Will go there soon and posted up more good pictar ! :)

Friday, November 02, 2007


my new baby :)

Finally i've ended up my dilemma on choosing a Multi-effect pedal for myself and i've got a POD XT LIVE from LINE6 for only RM1k .. market price is around RM1.6k -RM1.8k range .. its a 2 months used item from this dude Met..I've got to say, i really impressed with the sound eventhough its just a preset mode and this shit is worth a cash man ! and some of the best part, it can be download into ur pc and transfer ur POD and just choose any effect u like ! im giving this baby a Perfect 10 ! no doubt bout it.

Here some pic before im opening up the box .. its like i got a big toy from Toys 'r' us :)

Prepare to open-ing the box !

bam ! front cover POD xt live

manuals,warranty card and free Monkey shirt! lol

in plastic packing

Fender Telecaster + POD XT LIVE = COMPLETE !
Finally ! i've completed my music gear ! but still to come which is my camera list ! lol