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Friday, November 02, 2007


my new baby :)

Finally i've ended up my dilemma on choosing a Multi-effect pedal for myself and i've got a POD XT LIVE from LINE6 for only RM1k .. market price is around RM1.6k -RM1.8k range .. its a 2 months used item from this dude Met..I've got to say, i really impressed with the sound eventhough its just a preset mode and this shit is worth a cash man ! and some of the best part, it can be download into ur pc and transfer ur POD and just choose any effect u like ! im giving this baby a Perfect 10 ! no doubt bout it.

Here some pic before im opening up the box .. its like i got a big toy from Toys 'r' us :)

Prepare to open-ing the box !

bam ! front cover POD xt live

manuals,warranty card and free Monkey shirt! lol

in plastic packing

Fender Telecaster + POD XT LIVE = COMPLETE !
Finally ! i've completed my music gear ! but still to come which is my camera list ! lol


Anonymous said...

al, my guy fren saw this. he asked whether u knw anyone selling this at cheap price like d 1 u bot? any shop or person etc?

aceejay said...

hurmm.. im not sure because they got a latest model which is coming out next year in february..that time this thingy can be grab more cheap then i gought it :) .. ill give u a buzz if got aite ^^