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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011

After a while i dint touch my blog..its been a hell of a ride this year ! i just wanna make a list of what i have done this year.

1. in a process of getting a degree.
2. Part- time job.
3. Visit Korea.
4. Got my own Les Paul Custom.
5. Lost a good friend.
6. Being a Guitar Instructor.
7. Stay Fit.

1. In a Process of getting a degree.
Uni.. This is where i learn all the stuff, meet new faces, attitude, foreigners that speaks Malay, having a chance to do stage performance again , competition , good stuffy are all in here.

2. Part-Time job.
Nah..dont wanna talk here. pm pm :p ..Well, i guess being a video editor to assistant producer is one of a hell job to do. Its not fun. Payment is good though. Cheap ass guitar teacher that doesn't gave enough experience even though the kids was impressed lol ..

3. Visit Korea.
Seoul, i've been to Korea for only one purpose which is to fulfilled my brother dreams which watching the 2NE1 concert and we ROCK HARD there ! I cant believe we both attending the YG FAMILY CONCERT 2010. VVIP tickets baby! 2NE1, BIGBANG, SE7EN, PSY, GUMMY, I WATCH THEM LIVE ! U GUYS ARE DOPE! My brother got a chance to get 2NE1 Autograph signature CD! It was a Blast. Seriously. Not just only that we've got the chance to learn couple of hanggu (korean language) with my uncle who stays there. Even the Korean people thought we are locals. The food there is awesome. I deeply respect their culture. Crime rate in Seoul ? 0% ! Celciuswise 1-3 Degree Celcius. Yup, more like staying in the fridge. Make a new friends there. We are soo lucky for having Hana as our tour guide for us. And i also got a chance to visit at Nakwon Arcade which is the biggest musical store in Asia. In Asia man ! The best part, we went to Korea when 1 day before the North attacking in what they called practices. It was just a media propaganda. Reach Seoul, nothing. My Uncle asked, Do you see people running ? No , Right ? Either way, we are safe and Alhamdullilah this trip is MAGIC.

4. Got my own Les Paul Custom.
A souvenir that i hand carried all the way from Korea. A Les Paul Custom Guitar. Finally, I owned one and 2 stompbox. I will come back to Nakwon Arcade one day. A Perfect 10 place for a guy like me !

5. Lost a Good Friend.
Well, i believe everybody have a good buds. Mine was not about that person LOST in a way that person died in a car crash or lost in the woods. No. Not that LOST. For me, i wasn't rational enough that causes the dumbest side of my brain to pull the trigger. Actually, It wasn't a big deal for that person to deal with my shit. After a while, i fell something LOST in me. I hate to say this but, you were right. I was wrong. Sorry for everything. Hopefully, you will get what you have always wanted and achieve it proudly. May GOD bless you. Amin.

6. Being a Guitar Instructor.
E A D G B E . Six string that attached the mahogany or alder body through solid wood. The basic fundamental of ROCK,BLUES,JAZZ,METAL,DEATH METAL,BLACK METAL etc. This is where i chill out most of the times with my future talented guitarist. From Do Re Mi to Stairways to Heaven, From MJ Beat it to Clapton. Im proudly to teach the younger generation.

7. Stay Fit.
Well,ive gained! GAINED. Yeah. Bullshit. Im going to Fitness First.

I guess thats it !