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Sunday, January 27, 2008


After all those crappola that I've been through, making a decision is a Hard part of my life's. If you have to choose either A or B. You might ended up regretting it or try for it. I know it sux alot and sound so unfair but yeah... thats life..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brand New Saga

Mom said wanna get me this car so i decided to see it for myself later on after i perform my friday prayer.So i called a yes to go watch it. My mates said it will be launches at 3.30pm but after i get my ass there,have to wait until 5.30pm .. So basically im screwed up standing there for couple of hours..its a worth waiting because i was in the front row with the all media guy with bigger camera stuff..Its like im one of them :P ..

It was officially launched by our own PM around 5.15pm and i must say,im impressed with the brand new design and its actually look even better than almost all proton car.There's a replica than turn out to be a Evo look a like and i was like wow ! cant believe they can turn out this car like this.And the best part, the proton dude recommended me to take a savvy because its the best in terms of petrol and safety issue. Err,Savvy ? euww hehe:)

Here's some preview pixxie on this evening

All brand new saga front and back side

About the price,its starting from rm31k until 40k for this brand new saga or they called BLM.

And here is the moment of truth,the replica that ive been talking about. Isnt it looks like Evo ? i mean abit ? how cool is this when a car like this can tweak into some sort of this ?phew. respect

Hows that ? the proton call it the R.E.D Design Saga.. but too bad its not for sale.This is just a replica car that giving u some ideas on how this car can look if u have some extra cash hehe :) real niceand bravo for the proton team for this such big improvements !

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Today help my sis taking her farewell party photographs with her bestest team in her workplace. The C.E.O also joining the party and enjoying the not so good food at the Bora-Bora Ampang Restaurant that stated beside Ampang most famous sport planet futsal palace.

It was raining outside and unfortunately for me, i cant entered inside because my sis said the seat was fully taken. Thats cool with me though cus i can still chill outside. Having my ciggy and wait for my sis to gimme the call until this donkey who acted like goat showed up outside the place.

His wearing the usual work stuff shirt,cool jacks and slacks. From there i can see maybe this guy got a good job whatever i can see from outside. but too bad i would take back my words for it as his showing his Dumbness at me.

i parked my ass outside as well as my camera bag pack, and my umbrella on the edge of the wall. this guy keep looking his watch and having his ciggy. Well,some kind of a hurry. maybe late who cares not my prob. suddenly this car enter inside and i repeat,it was raining ~ .

The best part is, he comes towards me and just took my umbrella without saying anything.

ME: ''Err,hello ?''
GUY: Not looking at me.
ME: ''Excuse me ?''
GUY: looking at me.
ME: ''Have you ever know the word that called permission ?''
GUY: '' Err .. ( putting the umbrella back )
ME: " Giving the people's elbow face haha "
GUY: "ak ela, dekat jela" ( speak quite slow but i can still heard it dumbhead )
ME : " Just Walk then. I could have given you the umbrella if u asked me at first place"
GUY: "Walked"

now whos fault is this ? me ?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Goodbye 2007 Welcome 2008


There's so many things left in 2007 that i couldn't forget . All the memories that left behind will be treasured inside me. All the joy that i had . All the tears that i shared . All the pain that I've been through. Disappointing moments that i cant forget. Learn to stand still . New experience . Learned a lesson.

my journey still continue for 2008 and hopefully it will be great . I've cried, I've laugh out loud, all mix emotion that I've pass through. Thanks to all that coloring my journey and be part of it.

Alfian Che Jamil.