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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

YOU Think You Soo Frrreakkin TALL ??

UPDATES! check this out ! after buzy shopping at Pavilion yesterday found this dude infront of a The Ship Restaurant. It was crowded at first so i check out my self wut happen and found out this !! This guy is actually sketch his nam in the Guiness World Record Book as the 2nd TALLEST man alive .. first one were nominated are the Chinese guy if not mistaken.. thats what i was told by the man that worked at the Ship Restaurant.

His level of sitting are the same level as i stand ! fuck ! haha

See how monster he is ! goshh

I wish i have the chance to take pic with him but they charge RM20 for it ! sighh .. with RM20 i can buy many thing man .. just enough with my cigrattes money i have to say ..haha ..well atleast can show u guys some prove rite ? hehe .. later ~ ^^


Anonymous said...

gile babeng la tinggi aiyo i wonder 'sume bende' pon 'tinggi' ke hahahahaha

aceejay said...

seriiously .. LOL

one said...

bapak ahh..