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Friday, March 30, 2007


Theres many prob has staring over between this months as we can talks bout friends. Friendship is very importance in our life. Somehow,we got to accept the fact that there still have this type of friends.
Bestfriends turns out to a Backstabber , Trusted Friends to a Scammer , and many kinds of stuff that i can see.Infact that we can learn from it and become more Matured towards life.

Well, im not saying that im a good person or whatever you guys are try to say but this is what happen to me and a veryclose friends of mine that i've been knowing them since like ages ago. Now,im going to tell about this guy that just move in into our landmark and try to put his foot on my friends head. We know him about 2-3 months i guess until he start to show his 'knife to stab us apart' . At first,i think its kindda fun to hangout with a new buddy but still,The Old buddy are the best ,most important and whom you can trust . One of my close friends know him and thought his already change but still the same to be label as 'laknat' or modern words called pukima' . I feel like punch him so hard even i dont recognice his face nemore that would be good.
I thought he was going to be a good friend instead of stabing my friends ? WTF ?

Here some Advice:
You thinks,you're one of the most hotest snap shooter in the webbies but unfortunately the truth on the real world you just a Fake wash out Loser coming out from no where..even if you staying at the village,i think the chief will kick you out from the state make sure die hanging your self at shityard . Too posessed with Harajuku Style until forget where u come from ? ? you think, you know all about music is it ?

IF i dont Fucking teach you how to play any shit of scale you wouldn't be holding a guitar rite now deep shit !
one more thing learn how to fucking appreaciate !
YOU dont Fuckin Even Know Me and my friends !

well,this is not the end..Will see how in the near future bitch.


oNe said...

wa..ko hangin ngan sape ni ?

Anonymous said...

isk...cayunk!sape the sooo-called F**ker tuh..ngehee...ganas seyh blog kaw marah gler kat sape ntah...?;)-BetoChan

aceejay said...

haha..ade la org ni..baru kenal mau pijak aku ngan kawan2 aku..mane aku x hangin ..perangai cam lahanat.

Betty said...

Marah nampak?

amy said... ape pasal rakan2