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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

10 Days Diet Programs ! it works !

Recently, all my mates keep calling me a new name and that is 'Comel' ,'Comei' and even 'teddy'''s kindda..well basiclly,its because i know im gaining my weight each days..well,start off the hook by this diet program that has been succesfully done by my sis..she lost 6kg within 10's not like u were in a program which leads u to pay to get slim ? whoaa..not in this 10 days free determine your mind to control the avarage daily food that ur inhale inside your is working to my sis,so why it cant work on you ! ..and its free to try..
for some reason i had to do this because i wanna do the hunting down chicks haha..well,maybe not ..

First thing before you start.
1.set your current weight for the test. can start the program starting to take the yogurt
3.then follow up until the end of the 10days
4.see the result

this is the 10 days diet program
1-4 days yogurt
5-7 days Chicken ( stim,soup)
8-10 days Apple

Note: take out your daily food and replace it with the food that state above on each days. Just cover up your daily breakfast,lunch and dinner..thats it..*for the faster effect,just drink plain water* ..

p/s:- ive lost 2 kg on my second day of this diet :)


lulu said...

omg..just 10 days u can trim ur weight into 6kg ? whoaa..i wanna asked ur sis first

aceejay said...

ahaha..ask la :)

azrieizham said...

hoho aku kene cube nih

alizea geminia zainal said...

salute people who have a strong self determination to do this!!!

like Bonaparte said... "the truest wisdom is a resolute determination"

aceejay said...