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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alalala Toktok Jangan Saman ~

Location : Genting Highland
Time : 2.14pm

Its Ramadhan..where u still can feel the sun that can make you sunburnt or anything..thats not the case btw....

Well, first of all i salute who would ever done this brilliant work and it can trick your mind from distance..

A friend of mine send me this mms while he was on his way back home..

Im talking about the OPS Force that doing their work damn hard that makes that they can make an output like this picture !

See anything ?


Jeng Jeng!

Most of the car passed was like "owh shit,is that a cop ?"
and yes my friend, it is a cop but a fake one BUTT still, pictures were taken as usual automatically snapper to capture ur speeding limits babe~

Amigo ~ Fantastico ~

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ashiqueen said...

wow....u got down the car to snap this??? hebat Ace ni....