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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


When i turn 5 years old..Kamen Rider was my First hero..

When i was 6 years old..Ultraman is my hero..

Then comes Cybercops..

And then it's morphine time by the Power Ranger's..

I dont know why i never get tired of them..And Dont fucking shit me if u guys dont watch any one of those listed above, IF u were in my 1992 era..It's pretty nostalgic for me to wrote this but hey, i missed those old days man..

Now, im curently addicted to this Kamen Rider Kiva.. A series from last year 2008..I must say, They improved so much in making the series and im one of the proud watcher and now im turned into a big fan haha..This time, its serious addicted ! haha


Dude, im talking about how thier wrote the script, thier conflict, fight scenes,story plots,all the talents that matches thier personality,especially this guy, Kurenai Otoya. Wonder why the topic is Henshin? Because its related to this Kamen Riders and it means Transform. There's no regret watching it, im sure u guys would love it.

I dont care, download it, watch on youtube or whateva haha

1 comment:

kay da_heartless™ said...

sume citer tu aku tgk gak. haha.

mmg nostalgic.

kiva best. tapi bagi aku kabuto lagi best.