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Thursday, March 26, 2009

update: grandma fell.

After taking turn in the Hospital Besar Ampang.. Even though you are on emergency or whatever they called, STILL have to take turn. What do you aspect ? Its not private. When it comes to my Grandma Check-up, im kinda shocked because her head got nothing wrong instead 1 crucial part of here body were cracked.. and its her Spine.. seems it said on the X-Ray..


The Doctor still haven't finish and wanna do the Nerve checking by touching her feet..Mom was there to help Grandma by translating since she's have a bad hearing..So the dialouge goes like this:

Doc : Okay Nenek, saya mahu periksa kaki nenek..
Mom : Mak, ni dia nak tengok kaki mak.
Grandma : Umm.
Doc : Okay nek, kalau dapat rasa tangan saya cakap "RASA" okay ?
Mom : Ni doktor cakap, dia nak pegang kaki mak. Kalau rasa tangan dia cakap "Rasa".
Doc : ( Start touching Grandma from Leg until feet ) Macam mana nek ? Rasa tak ?
Grandma : Rasaa.
Doc : ( Tickle Grandma Feet slowly bit by bit..) Sini Rasa tak nek ?
Grandma : Ee..Gelii ..
Doc : ( laughing) Nerve were okay.. check-up is done..


Grandma were Transfer from Emergency to Cure Wad..Doc said her spine can still be cured in this early stages by wearing a special belt.. Right after i visited her and
What makes me put on my smiles back ? Its just when She still afford to talked like usual with me. Thats the important part that i concern most ! I am so Glad and Thankful to Allah. May Allah Give her Strength for Grandma.

I know her best..And her will of power are Strong.

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