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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finals Are Over !


1. Electric Six - Coklat ( Documentary )
2. Creative Lens - Chenta ( Short Film )
3. Panoramic Pictures - Gantung (Short Film)
4. De'V.V.I.P - Jessica Parker (Short Film)


Best Camera - ( Alfian Che Jamil - De'V.V.I.P )
Best Audio - ( Juhana Jemaat@Jamil - De'V.V.I.P )
Best Lighting (Juhana Jemaat@Jamil - De'V.V.I.P )
Best Script - ( Norhafizan - Panoramic Pictures )
Best Editor - ( Alfian Che Jamil - De'V.V.I.P )
Best Poster - ( Coklat - Electric 6 )
Best Art Director - ( Farah Farikah - De'V.V.I.P )
Best Director - ( Ainaa Hamizah Omar Arawi - De'V.V.I.P)
Best Drama - ( Jessica Parker - De'V.V.I.P )
Best Production - ( De'V.V.I.P)

Best Camera was me ? u gotta be fucking kidding me man!
Best Editor ? well, its kindda paid me off somehow for my last 2-weeks timetable which is sleep@6am then wake up@9am thanks for Aina and Juhana for crashing my room! EveryFuckinDay mann! Thats Best Director And Audio for you.

For those who didnt make it, i know you guys tried your best and probably shit just happen and we won or something but let me tell you something..We win now doesnt mean we win forever..This is just the begining for you guys! Goodluck in the future guys !


azrey said...

Kudos Ace and VVIP!

Such a great product - Jessica Parker.

You guys deserves it.

ubikayutapioca said...

congrats ace,ainaa,farah,nana,ika..yg lg 1 xtau name..

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

congrats u guys..
mmg terbaik..
walaupon aku dissapointed tp korang mmg best.=)

lalat tak bermata said...

poyo hang ni

.::RoyaL::. said...

maksud ubikayu tu
ace,aina,farah,nana,ika,and seri?

ubikayutapioca said...

oohhh...seri ker...len mke die..

randi said...

ang pasaipa???ih ih ang ni..gomoi satgi apa pon xdak.hahaha

Helmy Lee said...

congrats ace!!! coz ur worth it!
mmg best la dpt bolot sume awards...mmg hebat...kita jumpa kat FFVPM 09 pulak...hope boleh bolot juga...

Anonymous said...

De VVIP the best!!!

Group lain pun ok.

Tp De VVIP the best!!!

jannah jalidar said...


alizea geminia said...

babe, congrats!! so proud of ya!

like what you said, this is the beginning of something. and i hope it's smtg no less than greatness.


one said...

uish..gila babi ace

peter parker said...

vvip eyh..
bgus sial..
crew die sume hbt2 aq tngk..(hihi..nk jgak..hahah)
xmustahil ar mng 8 award kn..huhu
tnpe cameraman tiade la crite yg hebat..ace rentung mmg best ar..hahah

A.C.E said...

thank you so much all !!!


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