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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Next month plan.. Am thinking wanna get either of this 2 ..

1. Blackberry Bold
Why ? cause i've tried it and suprisingly it was quite good.. Eventhough i used to called it a scientific calculator..many people used it in mywork texting to them would be free of charge :)

2. Iphone 3g 16gb
Why? its iPhone. Everyone wants it. But, Too many plans ? unlock ? agreements ? thats just too many hassle to deal..

3. Sony Ericsson IDOU
Why ? This is the next competitor for iphone. But, seems it havent arrive here yet. Touch screen. Seems like the function are almost like the Iphone but With Sony Ericsson Style itself. For those who familiar with sony applications then this phone would be no prob but a plus bonus i guess.

So..For the time being, i can wait until the Idou arrive here since im not that desperate in a verge to grab any of this..Just a plan :)

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