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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

NOOKA : Tell time in dots and dashes!

Nooka watches were invented by Matthew Waldman, a New York artist and designer. Like Tokyoflash and 1he0ne watches, these watches represent a fashionable and unique way of telling time. Colors are available? you named it, the make one for you :)
price are $150 USD EST to RM are around RM 700-RM800 + tax and shit.

Driven by his new inspiration, Waldman drew up designs for pieces such as the Zirc, which uses twelve dots to represent the hours and a horizontal row that counts the minutes, as well as the Zot, which has twelve dots that represent both hours and months along with features such as a chronograph for timing poker games.

Nooka—meaning "sleek" in Hawaiian—was born after Waldman took these designs to the company lawyer and had them approved for a patent.

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