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Thursday, October 07, 2010

1 buck burger ! can you handle it ?


I wanna grab myself also but yeah...have to queue this long makes me cant tahan. Its RM 1 big whooper burger man..what do you aspect ? This pic was taken around 9pm something..okay heres the deal, purchase 1 drink then u eligible to get the RM1 burger but each person can only buy 3 burgers. So, after calculated (put it in a round figure) it was just RM 5 per set. normal price burger set would be RM12. Plus 3more bugs u can get another 2 big whooper. Well,end of the day me and my brother managed to get each 3 piece EACH. haha


FKTT said...

burger king??I love it!!!

A.C.E said...

its 1.00 for a whooper day !