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Thursday, June 01, 2006

long time never jog down this crapp..kindda buzy now..Zzzz
nway,i just got back from watching x-men 3 the last thought it will be better from the previous one but it seems worst than that..3 heros has fallen..phew~ x-men mister baldhead professor X,Jean grey(phoenix),and Scoot(cyclops) died ..its seems to early to let cyclops died and jean grey..duh~ now,left only two main heros and that is Wolverine and Storm..even,in the comic also got cyclops in the futere..haizz~
the storyline in the movie were quite good..all the actions are cool especially when phoenix shows her black magnetic power..sweatz..hehe..the setup wasnt bad at all..but in the end,all the bad mutans lost their abilities (including magneto) cost of the special the end,magneto who finally have lost his magnetic powers still were able to make a horse chest sure theres gotta be a X-men 4 next time and hoping a btter storyline this time..

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nadia said...

Agree !!!