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Monday, August 14, 2006


dammit -.-''

last week,i went to my lovely skool St.John Instituition to take all of my personal copies and certificate to settle my loans in my college..went there with my it goes~ lock evrything,put my helmet inside the box (it's underneath the seat) . I thought , it will be settle in couple of minutes but instead i have to wait like a hell of 2 hours to get my document done..dammit~
so i just go take my lunch and do my prayer ..after, evrything was done and it's time to go home..
unlock my padlocks .. keep it in the box .. soon as i start on my engine .. then im ready .. i scratch my head and put a question mark on it..hurmm , is there sumthing missing ?? think* think* .. OMG .. my helmet is freaking GONE -.-'' .. and i have no idea how its stolen.. i really put it in the bike box..and yes i do second check upbefore i leave .. and now its gone .. dammit ~
call my mom and yet got another scold from her..haizz..wut did i do ?? Lol ..
well, most my frens were all at their Campus and theres no way they can fecth me here..
i was really piss so i take couple of fag to chill down ..
thinking a WAY to get the heck outta this is place *
actually,theres another bike beside my bike and its really an old skool..
and it have a 'Helmet' .. keke
well,i have no solution but to borrow it ...haha ..
am Not gonna leave my bike here alone .. and thats the only chooises
i know its bad and i feel sorry for it..

dammit..Japanese + German made Helmet ..haha


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stylo sial

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