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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

it was registration week ..what a tiring day just to sit and wait like a stone in the hall ..and before my name was call out..i saw this one creature in same group as mine called
'Chikedis' , 'Chikubitch' or wutever ~ and im sure, they are most familiar called 'PLASTIC' ~ ...owh man, i dunno how to say it using the proper words bout it cuz its just sux..

I know they dont disturb me or wutever but still hurt my eyes .. lol ..
can u imagine walking together in SAME line , SAME Color , almost evrything the
SAME from head to toe ..and i heard this conversation in my class ''aww,2moro we all wear pink,next day we must wear yellow 2gether '' WTF ???
and again i know it doesnt related to my self BUT still ~~ im fukin tention bout it ..arggghh..


maria :) said...

'Chikedis' , 'Chikubitch' ???
really funny ! LOL

ms.LuLu said...

OMG ..i got same prob as UR's ..haha ;p

artfreak said...

wahahahah...da lame da bace blog ni tp nk bace

one said...

sape wei >??

aceejay said...

wakakaka .. lol