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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Telecaster Dreams

Going to lowyat to buy microphone and ear phone to complete my corum for my was 530pm and raining outside the mall it was weekend ..dont talk bout trafic cuz i bet u all know how it feel to stuck on behind red lights ..well, im goin for a walk to Bently where is the most popular music store in town(its located infront of Lot 10) the same time i can buy new string and picks .. before paying for the stuff .. i saw somthing that attract my eyes ..a brand new fender guitar..

Solid Black Telecaster

i was so looking at the guitar almost 10 minutes thinking if i can buy it in the near future or NOT lol..talking bout the price was a lifetime warranty and it cost RM3858..YES! almost 4K that the same price i can buy another motocycle..dammit.. i'll bet it was insanly expensive like shit .. and who doesnt know the sound quality that Fender produce??? i mean to most musician espesially?it was way better then almost the rest guitar..this is my dream guitar and hopefully my granma can buy for me this thingy ..ahaha :)

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ms lulu said...

RM3858 ?? omg ..
gudluck :)