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Friday, February 09, 2007

Knock Knock

Lastnite is the most sick and tired thing that ever happen to me .. the story goes when i sleepover at my classmate house in Setiawangsa..everything when cool,we chilling out watching dvd's an complete our work at the same time..After all done,we sleep around 4 am ..i know its late but thats the way we GUY's always do ..keke ..their house got 3 rooms and 1 room were empty, another 2 rooms got 2 people inside..i sleep in the master bed room subtitute to tomato,one of the mates who when back home earlier..well,its okay for me..but Not okay anymore when we turn off the lights ..

The clock shows 4.16am ..i feel that i was watching by sumone and feels not that confertable.. im about to close my eyes , i heard sumone knock the windows 1 time ..i thought it was aircond water that fall from the i ignored it ..change my side not facing the window...and again, when i wanna close my eyes...'knock knock' 2 times ..i continued ignored it .. then all silent.. pheww~ that was nothing .. but again .. it start play knocks knocks all the way and it was damm loud .. i was like OMG !!! .. i can feel the chill that my body start shaking ..owh mann~ ..i bet,whut would you guys do... start close my eyes and hug that pillow tight ..i start read the doa's ..but still it doesn't bother that thingy to stop .. it goes until 10 second to heard the Subuh Azan,i heard scratch from the windows '' EeeEEeeiiikkkkkk ~ '' and heard a tiny laugh on outside .. then it was Subuh Azan and after that , its all over ..its like having a heart attack to expereince somthing new..that was the longest 2 hours in my history that i have been tease from the extraordinary thingy .. lol

And the funny thing is , my mates amy that sleep on the other rooms got experience in the night after i went home.. he saw more thrill like an old man wearing all white atching him ..and another person crawlling towardshis roomates, eddy .. it was hell yeah he said ..haha ..pheww ~


lulu said...

knock knock ~
woo..creepy dude

Betty said...

So creepy and scary!