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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hye, guys... I kind a need your opinion here, this thing is not happend to me la actually, just wondering, what happen when u in love with your best friend? what should u do? take the risk to proceed the next level of relationship? or u just keep it deep down inside for sake of your bestfriend? im not saying your bestfriend is same type as u, that the other thing.I mean for boys who being bestfriend with gurls and gurls being the closes friend ever with boys? how? what would u do?


Betty said...

In my opinion,best friends should just stay as best friend not more than that.Sometimes,both of you can 'stand' each other as friends rather than lovers.

However,You can give it a try.


aceejay said...

well,maybe u right..but for us(boys) if a girl said that ur are my 'BestFriends' that means game over it ? lol

Betty said...

maybe not over yet. I used to haf a best friend.I love him and always wanted him to be my boyfriend.Haha.

It did happened but after a few months,I called it off.


Like I told you earlier,give it a try dude.r

ShaH said...

whoo..tight question dude..who's ur bestfriend anyway ?? haha