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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Wanna Quit!!!

yea.. i know ..i promise i stop ..but why i keep on buying this shit..if i calculate all the money that i've,i cud even make my room become studio now ..damm .. i always told my self to stop or cut down.. but i think , thats not working at all to me even i smoke more now .. Gosh .. and yes .. 1 pack per days ..OMG .. 1 pack per day .. that cud be more worse to think bout it.. Heart attack , Strokes , Lung-Cancer , Throat Cancer , gum Cancer..whoo ..i believe its killing my self slowly now and plus,when i wake up everyday espacially in the morning..i had troubling to breath properly..its like sumthing stuck inside .. im scared if i chock out blood sucking coming out from my bloody mouth..cud be more worsen ..

well u know , human nature ..smoke until u cant and once u got sick,then u stop .. thats natural but i want to try before its too late .. and thats a good thing before late or wut ever ..pheww ~ im scared now lol ..


Betty said...

oh pls.stop scaring me with that kind of post

aceejay said...

its true dude ..

amy said...

u wanna quit ??
aku belikan kete kalau ko benti ..wakaka

Betty said...

Wah.Dude,go quit go.your fren wants to buy you a car.

Best Seh.

I also want.

aliz lalala said...

best nye you and your sis mcm friends!!!!!!!

Zuleffendi said...

ye... berhenti merokok... ye kan je... ahahaha.. jangan mintak marlboro dari aku lagi.. wahahahahaha!

aceejay said...

adess... T__T