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They called him ACE.He live's in Ampang.He is the type of guy that you hate him at first and he will turn your back to prove you wrong.He is single and ready to get mingle again.He love photography and owns a nikon d80.ACE can play musical instrument aswell and if you play jazz or bossanova style,give him a call.He studies mass comm in Taylors University College Lakeside Campus.His a typical virgo guy with good sense of humor.PS:- dont believe in horocrap to much cuz its just crap hehe. Critics & comments are most welcome. Enjoy ! :]

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mean while in the Editing Room ..

Amy doing his editing..but still' he is 'BLUR' bout it..

And then come a newly super heroes from no where to save his editing haha..!

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teddy bear