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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Magical Trip From The Land Downunder !

Before Departure

Hey guys,just got back from the land downunder haha..takes 7 hours off my butt to get was a fun and memorable experience for me! Done visiting 3 states in the same time i have experience both season, autumn and summer. Might going there again next year to buy my next guitar list as the price over here are like fuckin 8 Grand..they selling there for just 1 Grand man ! Almost everything there are cheap but not for soft drinks and cigarattes. If you were travelling somewhere, dont compare our money with thiers. Anything you like, just grab it because you know you wont be coming here again. Alright,enough with the crap. I'll let the pictures talk ! :)

Destination : MELBOURNE
Temperature : 14-16 Degree
Season : AUTUMN

Arrived Melbourne International Airport

At Melbourne Fish Market ( Its like our own Petaling Street)

Australian Monument

National Gallery Of Victoria

Puffing Billy 'Cho-Cho Train'

Station Menzies Creek

Meet my little Jack Sparrow !

My new Girlfriend, Cherry :)

Our last day on the States is in Philips Island

Most Amazing view you can find here at Philips Island

Destination : SYDNEY
Temperature : 16-18 Degree
Season : AUTUMN

Most popular Ice Cream in Sydney, Royal Copenhagen !

We ride Harbour Cruise on top floor! wuhuu ~

Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

Darling Harbour

Happy holiday ! wakaka

Bondi Beach !
With My Uncle Ben and friends ! hehe

Destination : BRISBANE
Temperature : 23-28 Degree
Season : SUMMER

Movie World, Goldcoast


Scooby Doo Spooky Ride !

Batman Burgers ! lol

Tower of Terror.. fastest ride in the world !

Prisoner escape holes ! haha

Meet Cherry @ Hardrock Surfer Paradise !

Dont you guys have the Led's out ?

Last night on Surfer Paradise View Hotel :)

theres too many pictures i've captured.. i wish i can just post it all and let you guys see what ive been experience on..This trip is magic ! :)


Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

pic of the year: caption happy holiday.

A.C.E said... island la picture of the year

Kakak said...

I fell in love with Australia all over again....

jojie-elle said...

huhu best giler p aussie! ahaha jelsh nie :p

A.C.E said...

best2 ! :)

MR.KUMAR said...

rasanya yerlah saudara.. ada..kenapa? tak percaya? hahaha

jannah jalidar said...

oh jeleS!

wawabescoot said...

cool hair!!!'
also Aus. :PP
heheh :)