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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sunday outing !


Me, Rendi , haziq , and apit were going to bentley music cuz haziq wanna grab his first electric guitar there.. after being late like 30 minutes.. we all didn't make it in time and move our ass to Pavilion.. its been a while i didn't go, we all decided to hang out there..

Pavilion X-Mas preparation ? nice eh ?

Eventhough its monday, people were everywhere.. I know its school holiday but man.. I just hate it when i saw bunch of kids hangout infront of Bukit bintang plaza doing ' Shuffle' ? Why Shuffle ? Is it to be cool in school when you shuffle ? arghh.. im sorry to say this but, Fuckin Shuffle's are for Loser's man! PERIOD!

Okay, back to the story..sorry to interupt bout shuffling shits haha.. yeah, we all did our dinner at TGIF .. If im going to a big restaurant like Chilli's, Victoria Station ,they all served us very well.. And not on TGIF Pavilion which is sux ! BIG TIME ! Dammit .. you want us to paid big money but your service sux ? how ? zzz.. Lucky Haziq mom were with us .. Thanks Haziq Mom !

Apit,Haziq,Haziq aunty

Later on we meet Haziq aunty and she wanted to hangout more cuz by the time she arrive, Tgif were already close and we all going downstairs and hangout at this Arabian Smokey Shisha place " Carlos " ? if not mistaken ..get the Strawbery Done and some hot drinks to hit with !

Suddenly, Haziq Aunty were showing off her phone to me to get my camera standby ! It's a Suprise Burfday for Haziq ! After a few minutes, The Music that were played by the Dj appear to be having some technical difficulties.. Sounds were unbalance..I thought it must be some wire or amplifier issues.. but hey, They fuckin announce on the big speaker " Ladies and Gentleman, We all like to wish to MR. Haziq a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! '" hahah .. It was a night with full suprises! i cant forget how Haziq react that day ! hahaha

Birthday boy ! LOL

We all continued laughing and have a great strawberry Shisha's ! Happy birthday dude !

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