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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Holiday !

Just went back from my family trip vacation in melaka under my dad working place..yeah,it a familyday ! This is the last year that we going to take part in the so-called familyday trip before my dad retired. So,we are
there .. the place wasnt a hotel,its a appartment that looks like it floating on the water surface..but actually it is not .. eventhough its like the 3rd rated hotel opps appartment, i might said.. it is quite cool though(it is cool if u staying 2 days)..The place called watercity if i were not mistaken..more like floatville of the southside and guess what ? we got a big ship here ..haha ( picture below) .. and yeah meet Capten Hook and si Tanggang ..the place again i might say,its a nice place there but im just soo frustrated with the food ..u know what ? they recycle back the lunch food to dinner ? why on earth would u do that ? dah la x sedap..waste our time ..even the CEO of my dad company complain bout it..mmg la ..dah la u paid like mad then food cam sial ..for those who cadangkan we all having our family day here,get ready to get ur ass fired man..not being mean but u just sux big time thats it..nway,enjoy the pic :)

floating or flud-ing ? lol

black pearl punya anak sedara

Looks like Capten Hook and Si Tanggang got the same sin here

i can say this is the best shot i ever take :)

nice is it ? too bad it was only for kids


ms.LuLu said...

that ship was a nice shot
i like it :)

azie said...

ni melake kan ?