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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

it's kopitiam cafe !

The Kopitiam White Coffee cafe

Just went back from a New Coffee House Cafe(pic) Old Town White Coffee..its a new place that open since March this year and this kopitiam coffee makes it the real deal ! it is located in kosas which is kindda near from my house actually.. A well organise place to build in because i believe, in this part of area..people who who live there doesnt cook LOL.. The White Coffee is the speciality of this cafe as i serve you for the best coffee where else you can find one..

its like,just two times i go there for a coffee break,its just full house ..and i gotta wait like half and hour just for the coffee..well,i bet its worth of waiting for the shit .. the unique part of this cafe is that the order kindda diffrent from others which is you just tick it on the paper that reserved on the table..

take your order by just tickin' ur self on the paper

This is the old times fav toast bread with kaya that im talking about..those crispy yummy bread just break my heart away is really nice and the price are just rm1 per each..this is recomended for all the first timer to come here..on the other hand,in malay,ni la roti bakar not like roti bakar in that mamak hangout place u used to ordered out ..this one more special on its toast technic..really nice :)

Put ur rm2.00 on the table and get ready to order The White Coffee trademark,uphmm .. this is the real deal here man ..hehe ..eventhought it is abit cost ..people would say,why u minum here ? kopi dah rm2.00 baik minum mamak ..yerp,that's why they call u an idiot ..u should stay and try first before u anyway,this again , i recomended my self to all of u to try out this one of a kind white coffee at kopitiam at any branch :)


Lulu said...

bring me there :)

amy said...

kosas ?? where??
jom pegi haha

aceejay said...