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Monday, June 11, 2007

to good to be a loser ?

Join the futsal tournament yesterday..well,it is 8 man in a team.. 5 for the strating line-up and 3 for the subs at the bench..i was invited to join from one of my bestfriends since school..but, i only known just the 3 of the guy in the team..other thier friends..We played 3 round robin as a league match to qualify to the second round of the the past 1 week before the tournament.. i do lotsa exercise to keep me fit , keep on my diet routine just to eat bread the end,i wasnt involve in the like i was joining but instead i was like paying for the team to play ..hey,i didnt come there to waste out my money just to watch la fuck..

For the first Round,we won but still have 2 more rounds to go to make our team qualify..second and third game we lost ..wanna know why we lost ? yeah,semua so called them self STAR bayar RM20 nak main bagi habis semua game work at all not blaming anyone here but its the fact that its not fair la for the people in the bench..atleast second-half switch la players .. heard some dude says "takpe² aku x penat" WTF?? ( What is wrong with u people)..ko dah tercungap2 nak main gak bagi habis .. fuhh,bole tahan ko..

Atleast 2 of the bench players has been used..but its only for 2 minutes ..lain semua STAR-STAR je leh main..bodo tol..well again ..atleast they touch the fucking ball man .. aku ni jadi ape ? waterboy for the fucking team ? aku rase nak shot je muke2 poyo member ko tu .. eventough Rm20 is not a big amount of sum ..but still,it is money man..think about it la ..

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ms LuLu said...

aww .. poor guy
hugs* :)