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Monday, August 06, 2007

It's PC FAIR !!

What a tiring day today after i went to the Pikom PC Fair that are held at The KL Convention Center..guess wut i bought on the last day ? it's my first ever SLR cams and actually it is a semi-professional cammie for noobs like me..retail price are rm1699..after a hard bargain from me,they cut down the price to rm1.5k fix plus the additional freebies of 2gb sd card,tripod,bagpack,bag,and many other cool stuff .. owh yea,it's a Canon S5 IS btw.. hehe :)

I can say, All price were cheaper unlike they the first day of the event.. but sadly most of the thumbdrive especially the 1gb are gone ..there all vanish when i arrive around 6pm at the time i think ..people are still pack inside eventhough they just hanging over inside or i'll just said buat semak jer dalam tu.. but hey , that's thier prob not mine .. lol ..

lotsa new stuff, brand new laptops,mp3/4 ,and other gadget that just trying to caught my eyes..and i felt for it on my shopping list and its a 10 bugs microphone and a 50 bugs webcam.. tinytech brand ? lol ..dunno bout that but the quality of this webcam was superb and it crystal clear..pheww..wanna deal with my webbie ? just buzz me on my messenger, i can give u a fresh look of it ! haha ..
Owh yea,this are some pic that taken from my brand new Canon :)


cannon em up ~ nice is it ? :)


LuLU said...

i was there..! lol
why dun call me ?

aceejay said...

wth ?
u said u balik kampung ..