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They called him ACE.He live's in Ampang.He is the type of guy that you hate him at first and he will turn your back to prove you wrong.He is single and ready to get mingle again.He love photography and owns a nikon d80.ACE can play musical instrument aswell and if you play jazz or bossanova style,give him a call.He studies mass comm in Taylors University College Lakeside Campus.His a typical virgo guy with good sense of humor.PS:- dont believe in horocrap to much cuz its just crap hehe. Critics & comments are most welcome. Enjoy ! :]

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Take a look at my first ever masterpiece ! im on holiday now and im having fun with my brand new camera :) its manual and no shit edit ! im serious..

i wanna shot the green plant butsuddenly this cat interframe.. lol

At shot from bukit Ampang

take a closer look at my jeans !

Depth of Field of an tripod ! hehe

well,this is the second day on my new canon..hopefully can upload more cooler pic soon ! later ~


LuLu said...

the first pic was superb !!
u sure no edit ? lol

aceejay said...

im sure hehe :)

faiz said...

ni semua ko tangkap ke ?
macam copy and paste from internet..wakaka

aceejay said...

dammit ..

azrieizham said...

aku tak sempat sambar ko dah beli

aceejay said...

pc fair !!
haha..xpe xpe
tunggu pc fair bulan 12 ni last :P