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Saturday, August 11, 2007


im on a boring holiday which contributes lotsa suckiness in my head .. mara loan is like playing with me on and on ..dammit man,im really broke and i dun want ask money from my parents again and again..this monday college reopen as im goin to face two interviews with a journalist and a production house leads executive to reveal their bullshit on my final paper project, especially on this production house that they think their company are the best film prod in the country until me and my team tries to call to make an appointment for several weeks and still no one picking up the damm phone *sigh*.. gimme headache and wut im worried the most is the subject where my lecturer kindda having some anger management prob which makes HIM hard ass emo as we all see ..slam the door/ table ? ahh,thats normal..and the best part is. im the one who setup the stupid OHP machine for him..if im late for class,then i'll be deadmeat ..blerghhh~ whatever it is,i dun wanna see him again next semester ..

now it's saturday morning ady,and im having cough and flu that makes me feel sick and unconfortable ..later got a must see small concert or gig at Laundry Bar to meet my friend-friends in a band Bittersweet..hopefully it will be great there post a piccie later when i get my ass back !

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