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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Laundry Bar Gig's !!

It starts at 9pm till midnights where 4 bands were perform.. too bad we reach there at 10pm and just missed our own Ipoh band 'Bittersweet' dammm ..thanx to my mate Carlos for being late cuz his having a Counterstrike tournament ..sweat =.=''' .. by the way, the other 3 bands that we catch it live were Utopia,band from Paris France.They played much of instrumental music as adding the sound effect rather than the true guitar sound i might say but hey,thats thier own originality music.Couple 2-3 songs were great but not enough kicking up for me to jump..

Utopia from Paris France

This bassis was the coolest ever

After this band finish thier demo,its time for the Hong Kong proud indie band called them self ' The Love Song ' . This band really made my day as almost all thier song were absolutely blow out my mind even the audience love it too i can tell.. I've made a reocrd on this live and it is real amazing band.. thier music are totally diffrents and unique ..even and the end of the day,i bought thier CD as well.. Thumbs up for this Hong Kong Band ' The Love Song' for thier performance and everybody kickin some ass ! and yeah,i never seen any rock star with some short pants on stage beside all the jeans wear.. this lead vocal and guitar has its own way own style.. match his personality and his music that he made..this dude are BALD lol ..
The Love Song Band from Hong Kong
Shout it out Loud !!

Line up

And for the last performance,the band all the way from Beijing China,TooKoo and they said most popular band at thier hometown post out some good music as well. The genre of this band were kindda eletronic but in the meantime they still covered with some punk indie materials which is now most of the latest song were add to this kind of variety. This Band have the advantage of a Keyboard player as they perform in such a diffrents sort of music. Thier showmenship are the best in this gig,as we all clapping hands to show thier support some shots of this band, TooKoo from Beijing China..

Lead Vocalist of TooKoo

One and only keyboardist of the show

TooKoo Band Live !!

Guitarist of the day yeah !!

It was lotsa fun for this mini concert or should i say a worth going gig to be there and having fun on this boring weekend ever..Salute all the performance and a real credit for Hong Kong band ' The Love Song' on thier live stage and horse kickin song ! owh yea,forget to mention bout this crazy fella doin a couple of stage dive on the show ..really on a high mode and his actually on of my mate friends LOL .

High stage dive dude.. LOL !

thats it ! later ~ :)


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i wanna come :'(

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my fren was there..he said the botak dude band were rock !