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Monday, September 10, 2007

Bazaar Muhibah ! at my place

PakTam's popular ayam madu

For the first week in fasting was a heck out of sardin pack if u going to the any bazaar Ramadhan i believe,most of u guys going there at the end of minutes.. Its just happening for this first week and i can see some of the stall increase thier pricing .. well,its basicly they will said 'ahh bang,harge barang naik ar sekarang' . so wut to do? business marketing technique use this kindda lame technics.. sigh ~

Anyway,i went to the bazaar is to buy the ayam madu special pak tam and roti john panjang from md.noh ..haha .. all the old timer names were put upfront eh ? lol .. if u were here ..find this names and u wont regret a thing buying thier food :

The pack of sardins .. lol

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alizea geminia zainal said...

babe, puasa ke tak when u took the pics?

took pics of girls' behinds..


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