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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

talking crap to myself..

Knock ur head Alfian .. im sick and tired of ur actions .. Do you even realise she doesnt look u as a partner? And you cried when she's having fun ? Owhh.. you just make a big capital L that appears on ur forehead .. Get a better life Alfian .. Dont waste ur precious time.. it's been what ? 2 years now u wait ? ahh ic.. And that the dumbess decision i've ever heard.. What happen to you man ? you suppose to be stronger since the day u were played and dumbed by that girl .. You cant force someone to like u man otherwise it turn out to be the opposite way .. I know your are not cappable todo such things but hey, let they see inside of you .. I know you sux at girls and that is true .. you are nor hot either and always love to be hurt .. deal with it .. pay the price for breaking the rules..

Please Alfian..
Im Tired ..


Anonymous said...

chill la babe. gals come n go. theres more to life. heheh. heres my new blog link. check it out.

TRIANGLE'S said...

hoi nak mampos ker