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Saturday, September 29, 2007


This is my Final Presentation class on media and society class !

and i would say that my team has done it in a preety good job by handling all those crap.. feels like everything went briliantly until those judgest hit us with a critic that give a huge smack on our face ! sigh..

These are my team line-up

Panel of CRUEL judges :p

After all, we did our presentation as we planned and i am proud to be one of the teams .. out of 100% shud be 85% our work has done by our own creativity and determination towards this crapola .. 10% more from the judges and the other 5% ?well, let amie explained it to u on how to get the 5% more ..

Raise both ur hand like this.
Then Baca Bismillah dulu , pastu makan ? no no .. haha
Do the up and down thingy which is ur left arm going up right arm down.

Dont forget to close ur eyes.

After done the first step, then hold ur hand position like this.
shakes ur hand forward as hard as u can.
and ready to say the magic words! kamehameha!!
then 5% will be added on the list :p
Just kiddin guys hehe :)

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