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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Goin for a survey today at's a survey bout ciggrates and life journal..the price of this survey is rm140 ..yeah,it was my highest survey if i got the money but nah~ i only got half of it for life journal survey.. ammaru-san(drummer of my band) was there too and we both can't go in the survey room cuz it's full already.. it was pity for him cuz he was there at 12 pm..the survey start's at 1 ..duhh~
me arrive there at 1.30 :P ..kindda tension but,dun really care bout it..soon as we get the money(half of it),we goin to mamak stall near by..ammaru was so piss of with the survey(the fag survey that we didnt get) and make's me depressed..ordered one coke for him and pepsi for me..damn,i shud get 140 today blablabla -ammaru ..yeah,i know..while i was smokin my fag,ussualy when i at home,i tick it into the can when i finish my drinks..but this time,i suddenly tick the ash into my pepsi can and it was still 1 quater of water inside.."ahh fajjj*" was a bad day after all..dammn..
ammaru said ordered a new one but i refuse cuz i really dun't hav money and im on my,wut i do is..pour all the pepsi inside the glass..i taste it a liltle was like u tastin a fart inside ur mouth dude..uuweEekk..!!! was totally disgusting like shit..fuck!
i have no idea wut im doing this..later on,ammaru-san called the mamak and complained bout first we asking him to taste it but he refuse..i dunno weather he understand's bahasa..he called the boss out,the boss come out and he taste it..i swear,by the looked from his face,he was like gargling a listerin or sumthing..i wish i cud laughout loud by that time and point the boss a big L on the forehead sayin "LOSER" hahaha..but sadly,i can't do it and plus i have to control my self and ammaru as well..and yeah,i got the new pepsi comin on..hehehe..later~

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