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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Vision IP office

we were too early today and me and Habib are the only person in the's 8.00am and we got half and hour to start our work..damn..i dunno we was this early..all this happen just to avoid those fuckin traffic in kl ..while waiting,me and habib making a cup of coffee in the kitchen..

habib making his nescafe..

in this office,the staff cant smoke inside eventhough in the toilet..u gotta smoke outside..still got time for me to smoke up before work..yeah i know,sound sux..dats work man,wut can i do??follow the rules or get ur ass busted..but hey,who smokes in the toilet slamber je plus with my team leader lagi..haha..

yeah..aik hua bulding's..bapak dier beli kasi dier suruh dier buat business..

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