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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

world biggest joint ever..was made by this dude on the day to remembered BobMarley death.. even bob marley said life is too short to smokes this shit..damnn..!!
well guys theres sum fact i would like to share with u all bout grass..

General Information
Derived from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. It contains a chemical THC-9 (delta-9-tetrahydrocannibol) which is the chief cause of the "high feelings" and damage to the body. This is because it has great affinity to fatty tissues and can be stored in the fats of vital organs for up to 28 days. Thus it could still be detected for that period of time. Ganja gives a sense of relaxation, freedom from inhibitions, pleasant hallucinations and calmness (the sensation felt by individual abusers can differ from each other though).

Greenish or greyish brown mixture of crushed dried leaves, flowers and seeds. It is usually sold in the form of sticks,cube or in packets.It depends each price for the thing.

Large Packet Of Cannabis

Other Names
Cannabis, Marijuana, Grass, Pot, Sayor, Da-Ma ,daun,hijau,chronic,mary-jane etc..

Homemade Pipe
Method Of AbuseIt is usually mixed with tobacco and smoked as a cigarette (called a joint) or through an improvised pipe (instrument).

The instrument is usually made of a plastic bottle filled with water, a straw and an aluminium foil. Water is used supposedly to prevent a dry throat.

Usually this thing is called Bong

Negative Effects

Increased heart rate
Bloodshot eyes
Dry mouth and throat
Impaired or short-term memory
Altered sense of time
Lack of concentration
Lack of body co-ordination
Impaired in learning
Intense anxiety or panic attacks


THC-9 stimulates the brain by affecting the motor coordination, senses and appetite. This causes the "high" and increases an abuser?s appetite. However, long-term abuse can gradually destroy the brain cells, causing ill-memory or memory loss, poor coordination, loss in appetite and in serious cases, coma.

Ganja contains a lot of carcinogen (cancer-causing substances), eg. tar and nicotine. In fact, 1 ganja joint has 6 times more carcinogens than a normal cigarette. Consequently, long time abuse will give rise to lung, mouth and throat cancer. Besides, abusers can also suffer from chronic bronchitis or emphysema.

THC-9 stimulates the heart, causing increased heart beats. This increases blood flow throughout the body. In rare cases, abusers could suffer from chest pains. This also causes abusers to have bloodshots eyes, a give-away sign of an abuser. Through prolonged abuse, ganja can cause heart attacks, a result of "overworking" of the heart.

Liver and kidneys
THC-9 attacks the liver and causes liver damage in the long run. Kidneys are also affected and the consequences of a damaged kidney is dialysis treatment or transplant.

Reproductive System
THC-9 can cause hormonal imbalance in a human body. The level of male hormones decreases causing reduction of sperm count and mutated sperms. There is also the possibility of having a deformed child or even difficulty in conceiving a child. Long- term ganja abuse can also give rise to gynaecomastia (enlarged breasts in males).


many people thinks that smokes grass can release their tension or wutever..yeah its true..but this is not the only way to do that..they are many ways to release ur tension and is a stupid thing to do and plus it will harm u more than u can imagine..once u get caught with this,ur status,ur relationship,evrything will be ruin guys,think bout it :)

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