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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 my first impression of the surau is more like..."is this a snooker center or sumthin??sedey gile sial..take a look..

the Aik Hua's Surau..

the surau door...hurmm

overview from side..

habib after taking his wudu'

the only problem for us is when we wanna take our wudu' like soo damn far man..dah la x bagi sliper..bagi trompah kayu kat luar tue..damn..even i have to bring my own flip flop here..

inside look..

the inside look is just nice and smallcuz for ur information..only me and habib are the only survivor in the building who had perform the prayer..i dun see anyone goin in here before..duh~wut happen to guys now days??

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