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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My first ever part-time Job(as in formal dress code)

wake up early this morning around 6.30 am eyes were red cuz i cudnt really sleep lastnite...dammit..stand up,doin some morning strech..all the 'pop' sound came out from my back(really good though) hehe..Right after i step my left foot in in the bathroom,my phone rang..quickly answered the was Habib(my collegemate)..his already outside my house wating for me..i was like,"ouwh sh*t" ..suppose that time,im goin to release my choclate cake inside my stomach but instead i quickly grab my towel and have my 1 minutes shower..finish my shower,Habib is already inside my room browsing the net through my that time,it was 6.43 am's like way~ too early if goin the office..well,basicly our office were attach behind AM Bank at Jln Cangkat's the Aik Hua Building..i can say,its a 10 minutes ride from my house..So,why do we have to rush man??it's like 6.45 am in the morning and have another 1hour and half min..daaaa~~ ..Habib was laughing non-stop when i told him this..Then he said,why dont we go there and explore the places since we have no idea on where to eat and stuff..well,fine with me..

Arrive at 7.20..

by the time we reach the place,there's no cars were parked..are we lost or sumthing or sumbody get us punk'd??ahh wutever! ..but the thingy is,we are the only person and the only car there..and yeah,we parked just right infront of the Aik Hua's Building..well,since it's still early,me and habib decide to go for a breakfast..there's a mamak stall over there,so no need to worried bout me just ordered nasi lemak and teh 'o' ais for my breakfast..and u know how much dat cost me????all cost me RM4.50...fuck..

RM2.00 nasi lemak

wut da fcuk???it's 2bugs and its just a normal nasi lemak..fucker~ if i add another 1bugs,i can eat nasi lemak at BB plus with some rendang on it..damn man!!!fuck those mamak''s not like im eating in a mamak restaurant or sumthin instead of mamak stall..daa~ even it will cost me below 2bugs i guess..Habib was so frustrated with it..sorry man but me got piss as well..

frustrated habib..
well,got a lil small arguement at the mamak stall...but can we do?we adi eaten,so just pay the shit to the mamak..bitch..

8.25 am..
shit,we gotta get get there before 8.30,we rushing up to take the was held on the 14th's the VIPS(vision IP sdn bhd) office...NOT that other type of VIP ..the office is quite simple..the wall were paint into orange..yeah,it look's quite nice..this company is actually the third party of combination work such as digi,channel 8,and some other media program..

the Vision IP sdn bhd

i cudnt snap the pic of the office since im late..sorry guys..well,continue from here
we all were called our names one by one..and yeah,my name was the first one got called..after entered the room the were sum bunch of people were sitting around..i thought i was with Habib who were hired that day...but then,i meet my junior from my secondary school which is in St.John's Institution :) ..hahaha..His name is naven,kindda cool person..and again,no pic to show u guys..maybe next time..

in the room while waiting for the Operating Manager to give her briefing about the job

we have to wait like 30 minutes for the OP to come in the room..damn,if i knew this thing goin to happen,i surely wake up late rather than early like shit..dammit..soon she entered the room giving her cute little dace.."so sorry ahh,im late" hehehe...wut kind of OP is dat man??duh~
we all were introduce our self back then and were given sum work to do..i feel's like im attending tuisyen class at kasturi cuz she's been teaching us the form 5 subject such as insurance's and stuff..adoi~ and it goes until 6 'o'clock..damn,bapak bosan sial..then Alice(the OP assistant) said that we are now still under training as a telemarketing exec,i hope u hav fun 2day and will be bcak 2moro..hurmm,for me seriously,it's kindda boring job and it's true..bored like shit..but,when the OP said that,always remembered bout ur income is always increase..that's the so-called bait to make all the client least we can get 1500 plus..fucker..hehebut then again,it was a great day for me :)


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