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Friday, February 10, 2006

after perform my friday prayer,i decided to go to the sungei wang plaza to buy games..after done buying all the cd,i walked past the times(one of the biggest book stores at sungei wang plaza). i was freakin shocked by that time cuz i saw this magz....

the first edition playboy magz in Indonesia

well it does looks funny,u shud take a look on the inside man.It's even funnier than the layout page. damnn...eventhough its indonesian,the price for this magz is damn expensive..cost u RM25 not sure whos goin to buy this thingy..maybe the boyans will buy it :p


Betty said...

Hahahhahah....kewl...Get me one pls!!

wawabescoot said...

play boy gila!!!'
for sure ramai nak beli :PP