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Saturday, February 18, 2006

gotta rush to submit my survey form at the kl central station..its all for the sake of 100 bugs..who dont want?the weather was super supreme hot i was riding my 'nyamuk'
at 100km ride..feel like my skin were sliced by a flaming blades or sumthing..its a very clever move i dint wear any jacket..damnn..

this is my gurlfren..

after submit the form to this research center,i gotta make my move fast cuz the cloud is turnin dark by that fren,bada,said he wanna ride this bike all the way prob with me cuz i didnt really like to ride a thing,its really2 dangerous..i mean it..on our way back,there's a massive traffic jam..luckly,we just riding this scooter..hehe

my 50 cents cappucino

after passing by all the traffics at Pudu,suddenly it was raining...bada had to take cover and stop at the one of the proton workshop near Maluri..*sigh~ another bad day...while waiting for the rain to stop,inside of the proton workshop office got this one vender machine..its really cheap for just 50 cents per cup..all nescafe flavour,coffee,milo and cappucino..can u feel it when it was raining out side and u were drinking a hot coffee or nescafe??damnn.. :) release all the tension u bear it in mind..

bada with his hot milo drinks

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pa' din said...

nice bike dude :)