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Sunday, February 19, 2006

wake early today at12.15pm (early??hurmm...)
got a survey to attend at the grand maya hotel(its opposite zouk)..have to bring on 3 things
1.fav cd
2.fav magz
3.fav picture

as for me,i already prepared it..fav pic- stephen chow(haha),fav cd - weezer(blue album),fav magz - stuff(all new gadget)..damn i shud bring the rolling stone..
have to help am,he havent found any fav,me and him go to the nearest magz store.. near to my college..after got his magz,then we gotta chow fast and get ready for the survey..while i was riding back,my scooter suddenly stop on its owned..owh fujj!

still can smile!!??dammit!

shit! gotta drag my bike to the gas station..luckly got one near..but,pushing this thingy kindda heavy man..damn..


At the grand maya hotel..its not pretty cool for a hotel like it when i first saw it on the outside..BUT,when it goes on the inside,i kindda shocked cuz theres a unique spinning stairs that caught my eyes..and the best part which is the water underneath it..really unique !

Unique design..

got up at the survey,meet really² cool i remembered their named..hurmm,theres 2 chinese guy there..jeremy and danny..1 indian,khabi..and 4 malays..2 of them are from uia's..
cant really remember their named..hehe..they all were cool!seriously..we handdle together as a team in the was fun.. :) at the end of the day,as ussual,we got paid for the discussion..just enough for one week i guess..hurmm..

after survey,goin to lowyat to meet my collegemates,bada and bido..haha,sounds like brothers..but yeah,we do looks like brothers on the outside..bido wanna buy laptop but he dint know which is the best for him and also wanna buy electric guitar..after settle all the stuff,we havin our dinner at the mamak..

Chill at mamak

it was a tiring day today..but,really not gonna forget our survey today..i think it was the best among all surveys :)

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aizat said...

out of fuel??